The Prix Pujade- Lauraine • Carta is a major initiative to support contemporary artistic creation, deployed between France and Italy. Its calling is to create a dialogue between the worlds of art and health.

The Prix Pujade-Lauraine • Carta Bianca finds its source at the crossroads of art, science and the sensitive dimension of the human being, and wishes to build a bridge between the world of artists and the world of patients. It is founded on the strong key values inherent to the health professions (sharing, self-giving, commitment, solidarity, humanity). It was born from the conviction that the meeting of the emotional and sensitive universes of artists and those of people in reconstruction after the trauma of illness and treatment is a mutual source of inspiration and vitality. By supporting artistic creation and this sharing between artists and patients, the Pujade-Lauraine • Carta Bianca Prize thus encourages new explorations of “regions” of humanity that resonate with the aspiration for rebirth of people who have encountered a life upheaval.

The Prix Pujade-Lauraine • Carta Bianca provides diversified support each year to eight artists, each chosen by one of the expert-members of the Franco-Italian Jury made up of eight emblematic personalities from the world of art and culture. The Jury will designate a First Prize among the eight participants. With an annual endowment that places it among the most important French and European prizes, the Prix Pujade-Lauraine • Carta Bianca includes financial and human accompaniment offering the First Prize artist a range of support methods (large-scale remuneration, residencies between France and Italy, access to a studio, etc.), while the seven other laureates receive financial support. In addition, a Great Witness, a personality recognised for his or her professional career in the cultural, artistic or scientific world, will foster an interdisciplinary exchange and joint reflection with the artist holder of the First Prize. At the heart of the system, the winning artists undertake to create a fruitful dialogue with people in recovery throughout the year of the Prize.

The Prix Pujade-Lauraine • Carta Bianca was founded by Éric Pujade-Lauraine, an internationally renowned oncologist, and Isabelle Pujade-Lauraine, a senior official in the world of health, now a professional coach specialised in helping people with cancer to return to a professional life. Collectors living between Paris and Naples, Éric and Isabelle Pujade-Lauraine wanted to anchor the Prize in these two cultures, which have combined over the times to offer Europe some of the greatest innovations and most important masterpieces, both in art and in scientific research.

The diversity of the members of the Jury, the commitment of the artists – laureates and First Prize winners – and the various personalities involved in the Prize will progressively enrich its vocation, in order to develop an international group of reflection and to produce different forms of thought and knowledge around art, science and health.


Beyond the combined approaches of science and the arts, are the fundamental human values of the world of health, particularly revealed during the pandemic, likely to help us create a new, fairer and more human world? This meditation on art, life, humanity and our future in a world in constant transformation is at the heart of the Prix Pujade-Lauraine • Carta Bianca, around main guidelines:


The Prize is an art-health bridge, for the patient-artist encounter


Sharing, self-giving, commitment, solidarity, humanity


A Franco-Italian prize for the creation of an international community of artists and experts


Art: source of revitalization, rebirth, re-creation


How can we transform the world, taking in consideration our vulnerability and that of the planet?


To create a new creative horizon that opens up possibilities for ourselves and our environment


The Prix Pujade-Lauraine • Carta Bianca aims to encourage contemporary creation by providing diversified support, for a year, to visual artists.

The Prix Pujade-Lauraine • Carta Bianca is endowed with 100,000 euros per year. It is already planned over several years.

The First Prize receives a general grant of 50,000 euros, which can be used in a flexible way, according to its needs (residence, production grant, daily financial support, exhibition… all or part of it).

The seven other laureates each receive a 4,000 euros grant to support them in their artistic endeavour.

The device also includes human support: as a Great Witness, a personality from the academic world or the world of scientific research is invited and encouraged to deploy an interdisciplinary exchange and a common reflection with the artist throughout the year of support of the Price.

In a spirit of mutual aid at the heart of the project, the winning artists commit themselves to create a fruitful dialogue with people in recovery.